Cup Austria – Austria Vienna – Pasching

Thursday afternoon since 17:30 Austrian Cup final will be played between Austria Vienna and surprise the competition Pasching, band coming from third league. Austria Vienna is the clear favorite of this match but in a final you never know what can happen. In the 2006-2007 season both teams managed to win their parties at home, this being the last two direct meetings.

Austria Vienna finished the season in first place with a 0-3 defeat at Salzburg stake for the team but without already mathematically won the championship with a step behind. In the 36 stages Austria managed to score no less than 86 goals and received only 31. In the matches played for Austria Vienna have scored 3.2 goals per game. In the first round in Austria Cup, the favorite team in this meeting went Oberwart 3-1 and then in the 16th Dornbirn 3-2 heights of your competitors with enough emotion for the winning goal came in minute 84. In the round finals Austria Vienna had no problems with that Villacher defeated 4-0. In the quarterfinals Wolfsberger Intal a champion of Austria and was defeated by a score of 1-2. Finals competition in Vienna Austria Ried went 3-1 and has a chance to make the event in this season.

Pasching is a real surprise in this competition especially after finals competition in Salzburg went 2-1 after being led 1-0 in the quarterfinals and was eliminated it after 1-0 Rapid Vienna thus causing two of the biggest surprises in Europe. Pasching started with A.Salzburg Austria Cup adventure in which he defeated 2-1 and then passed A.Lustenau with Csőre 3-2. In the final optimiile Pasching managed to win the match with Kafenberg and thus ended all Cup matches Austria winning the limit. Pasching is in excellent shape after seven wins from the last eight games, the other meeting was concluded with a 1-1 draw with Wallern home. With two matches remaining disputed Pasching has a good chance to promote this season LASK Linz if you make missteps in following rounds.